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What Do Talent Agents Look For?

Mar 10, 2022


All agents are different. They’ll all have a different opinion on what talent is, and who’s got it. One agent might think you’re super talented whilst another might think you’re not right for their agency.

Here are 3 important features that agents look for.


Do you have the ability to do the jobs that they'll be submitting you for?

You need to have a good understanding of your own ability. You need to know your product! You are the product, so singers… you’ll need to know your vocal range, your strengths, and weaknesses.

You need to know which style of singing suits you best. It’s the same for dancers. Some are better at street dancing, others prefer Ballet. Knowing the terminology is going to help you in the audition room. Having confidence in your process of preparing your acting pieces, knowing that whatever they throw at you in the audition room, the actor in you is ready for it.

Knowing exactly what you can do, and what you should probably steer clear of, will really help you when first meeting your agent.


Are you easy to work with? Unpleasant people rarely get asked back to do other jobs, whereas lovely people will get jobs simply from word of mouth.

We’ve all been in a situation where there’s one character, one personality that you’d like to avoid. Someone you know that from the moment you saw them, they’re not your type of person, and that’s OK. Your agent will assess you and your personality to see if you are compatible. You need to understand each other, because you’re going to rely on them, and they’re going to rely on you. You don’t have to be best friends, but you do need to be compatible.

Support Network

Are you financially able to travel across the country to different casting locations with just a day’s notice? Can your family take you to castings? If your agent submits you for a really exciting project, one that you're perfect for, but you can't go because your mum is at work, then the agent isn't going to confidently submit you for other projects.

Agents are always looking for exciting new talent, but don't contact them without doing your research first. Check out their website and make sure you give them everything they've asked for. This will show them that you're thorough and you do your homework.

Agents want to work with good people like you, but it's also important to understand the Agent / Client relationship. That's what I'll cover in the next Blog.

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