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Contact Casting Directors like a Professional.

Feb 01, 2022
Contact casting directors like a professional


Casting directors are busy people, with a lot of pressure on them to find the right talent for each project they’re working on.

They’ll be processing hundreds, sometimes thousands of applications every single day so I’m sure you can imagine, time is precious.

If you contact a casting director to tell them about the time you played girl number 4 in the local amateur production of Wind in the Willows, they’re probably going to delete and move on. They receive plenty of emails from people who are desperate to be seen for castings.

I recommend making your emails as efficient as possible, which will increase the probability of it actually being read. What I mean by being efficient is, get to the point. Tell them:

  • Why you’re contacting them
  • Roughly where you’re based and availability
  • Offer to self-tape or meet
  • Your contact details

It’s simple, but on the rare occasion that someone has just canceled an appointment, but they remember everything about you because you kept it simple, they could call you in to fill the audition slot. There’s no guarantee this will work, but they’re more likely to read your email and remember you if they don’t think your email is too long-winded to read.

To help with this, I have prepared an email template for you to use. It’s completely free to download and in there you’ll find a Formal template, an Informal template, and a Casual template. I’d use these as a guide to find the right tone for you and your voice. It needs to sound like you’ve written it.

So to summarise, get to the point. If they see an essay email, detailing your life story, it’s unlikely they’re going to read it if they’re busy. 

Most importantly, be yourself. Their job is to read and understand people, they’ll know if you’re trying to be something you’re not. So, just be you! You’re awesome, give them the opportunity to see that.

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